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Mike's Menu for 02/07/2005

falafeltruck: that reminds me of a cartoon from boy's life
that was a magazine for boy scouts
back in innocent days
and the kids caught a fish and wanted to cook it and they put it on a plank and put it in the fire to cook it
but at some point the fish fell off the plank
and they ate the plank thinking it was the fish
falafeltruck: and it was delicious

Insecta: i remember stories of camping where you buried the fish in the ground.

falafeltruck: and the heat from the earth's core would eventually cook the fish

falafeltruck: woodbury man died from starvation using that method

Insecta: i watched a cooking show where the fellow smoked a whole salmon in a cardboard box

Soup duJour: salmon box soup
Today's Special: wooden plank
Price: free!

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